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Marketing by Albert Arkilanian, Residential Real Estate Broker

Your home's beauty captured in pictures

The power of a picture cannot be underestimated.

To meet my goals, I have teamed up with leading experts in the field of real estate photography. Your property will look its absolute best thanks to professionally taken images.

Web Presence and Social Networks

Sutton’s website not only promotes your home’s visibility, but I also take your property’s visibility to other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. The better your listing is known, the further the reach becomes for your listing, thanks to the interaction of your potential customers.
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Sutton Secur

A Free CAD $3000 certificate of legal aid and other services on selected offers, for your peace of mind.

For more information on the service, please take a look at the PDF attached here and contact me to find out more.

Get the most exposure

  • More than 190M visits
  • More than 2G pages consulted
  • More than 20M hours of consultation
  • 5M shares on social media
  • Approximately 10M favorite properties are saved by visitors
  • 115K properties are sold annually
  • 79% of all residential properties sold are listed on

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